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Rajasthan Fairs and Festivals

Rajasthan is the "Land of Celebrations " Madhogarh's tradition can be captured at its festive best at the fairs and festivals, which are dazzlingly theatrical and lively. The festivals are marked by the folk dances and music played on a variety of locally made instruments. All the fairs and festivals are widely attended by people from all walks of life.
  Rajasthan Festivals - Palace of Jaipur  
The members of the royal family start a procession from the fort which goes to each and every villagers house and they greet them and play the festival of colors with them. on this day of celebration the members of royal family forget their status and mix with the general villagers and share sweets with them. In the evenings the senior citizens are personally invited by the royal family for drinks and dinner.The people of Madhogarh celebrate Holi to welcome the Spring season with a profusion of colors. One can see blithe faces smeared in rainbow hues and drenched in color water in whole Madhogarh. The villagers forget their inhibitions and make merry with reckless abandon. People from all walks of life indulge in rivalry, liberally splashing colors on each other. Singing, dancing and merry making becomes the order of the day.

Palace of Jaipur - Rajasthan Fairs  
Sheetla Mata Fair
The deity is represented by red stone. It is a veritable picnic for the pilgrims attending the fair. It is customary to cook one's own food at the site and eat it only after it has been offered at the shrine.A temporary market comes up at the fair. A cattle fair is also organized during the fair.The fair is held in the month of chaitra, in village seel - ki - doongri 15 kms from Madhogarh. The fair is held in honor of Sheetla Mata every year. The fair attracts hordes of visitors from far and wide. People believe that epidemics spread because of the wrath of Sheetal Mata and hence they worship her and make offerings so that she may be pacified.
Castle of Rajasthan - Castle of Jaipur

  Castle of Jaipur - Castle of Rajasthan  
At an auspicious hour in the afternoon procession is starts from the Fort Madhogarh and is taken out to a well with the images of Isar and Gauri, placed on the heads of married women The whole villagers follow the procession. Songs are sung about the departure of Gauri to her husband's house. The procession comes back after offering water to the image of Gauri. Ghevar The local sweet is offered by the villagers to each other.Is located 7 km away from Madhogarh. Guests would discover a temple which is famous for historical interest in harmony with the local landscape. The Temple is in the valley which is surrounded by Aravalli hills. Devoted to Lord Shiva , the temple is a place where visitors from all over Madhogarh and nearby villages come and offer prayers .

Tall effigies of the demon Ravan is burnt to symbolize the victory of good over evil. Villagers gather here dressed in multicolored clothes to offer prayers to Lord Rama.
Rajasthan Festivals - Rajasthan Fairs  

  Rajasthan Festivals - Rajasthan Fairs
Diwali a celebration of light is the most popular festival of Madhogarh. The whole village is decorated with divas (earthen Lamps). The night is illuminated with the flaming lights of fireworks, creating kaleidoscopic designs against the black canvas of the sky. The goddess of wealth Laxmi is worshipped, after pooja (worship) the whole village folks comes to the fort to greet the members of the royal family and then burn crackers with them.
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